Last few summers we have been hosting and reconstructing an old farm area in Krasnopol, Poland. Working alongside with our host Josef has been most inspiring experience and the arsenal of his skills and positive energy never ceases to surprise us.
Project "no limits" (as it is now called), is a huge reconstruction of an old farm buildings. Josef's dream is to remake the place suitable for cultural happenings, like small festivals, workshops and leisure in general.

First official small festival actually already happened and was hosted also by Cuddling Company in summer 2019. With our main work area and building, the old stables, still being heavily under construction, we decided to have a brake from work for awhile as we already had a perfectly working stage, sound system and toilets :)

Our experience is not limited on hosting, construction or visual works. We are quick to adapt and we are easy to communicate with. Trust and beauty is our work motto, if we have an agreement to do something, we will try to do it with with our hearts and aim for good and beautiful result. 

Check our travel short movies on youtube and our blog for updates.

The best way contacting us is through our telegram channel